For our guests who wish to spend their vacation in an active way, our hotel offers a selection of interesting programs.

During your stay in our city don’t miss the opportunity to see the Monument of the Romanian Soldier sculpted and designed by Vida Géza and Anton Damboianu. Furthermore, you should definitely visit the roman catholic Kalazanci Szent József Church, the Reformed Church as well as the ‘Sfantul Dumitru’ Orthodox Cathedral. Carei has a unique tourist attraction you must visit, the recently renovated Karolyi Castle. Our guests have the possibility to visit the fabulous rooms and the chapel of the castle individually or together with a group of other tourists. Moreover, we advise you to take a relaxing walk in the 30 acres park area where you have the chance to discover numerous natural rarities.

The ardent fans of sunbathing will appreciate the unique experience offered by the Outdoor Pool Complex from Carei. The large pools, the 15 acres green area as well as the coolest watershoots guarantee the entertainment of the locals and tourists. Our guests have the chance to spend some precious time in this recreation center.

Károlyi Sándor decided to build a mausoleum for his family. The members of this noble family who passed away along the years were brought here from countries all over the world and buried in the collective tomb. Our guests have the opportunity to see the sarcophagi and visit the church that was built along with the crypt of the Károlyi family. In present 36 members of the Károlyi family are buried in Căpleni. Visitors have the chance to visit this tourist attraction only 6 km from Carei, individually or together with a group of tourists.

Fans of Hungarian literature will be thrilled to visit the village called Ady Endre, where the laureate poet Ady Endre was born in 1877. The village that got its name from the well-known literary figure is only 21 km far from Carei. Tourists have the opportunity to visit the Memorial Museum Ady Endre and to enter the family house of the poet.

Admirers of equestrian shows will be glad to visit some of the high-class riding-schools from our region. Our guests who wish to discover the fun of horse riding can find out more information about this activity from our employees.

Our guests who wish to enter the magical world of nighclubs have the opportunity to spend their nights at different locations. The Joy Beach located at the Outdoor Pool Complex Carei offers numerous entertainment possibilites for visitors who adore music and dancing. Our guests are also invited to spend a fabulous afternoon at the terrace of various restaurants from our town.