Vine Menu

L' Art Hotel provides wine lovers with an amazing selection of wines offered by different wineries from Hungary and Romania. The wine list was created with the help of a wine-fancier in order to meet the special demands of our guests.

Visitors at the hotel have the opportunity to discover the realm of Maurus wines, from the wine region of Mór. The Maurus winery has no less than 6 types of white wines in our menu. We must mention the Maurus Ezerjó wine, a strong, diverse and expressive beverage.

Aroma și parfumul intens este rezultatul selecției minuțioase a As a result of the careful manual picking of grapes as well as the diligent supervision of the phases of processing, its aroma and perfume is really intense. The wine abounds with intense, condensed aromas similar to that of a young wine, complex at first and really vivid at the end.

Guests of our hotel have the chance to discover the virtues of the wine region near Eger city with the help of the Egri Korona Borház wine-cellar. The Debrői Hárslevelű Egri is a well-known white wine by those who adore the combination of eating delicious desserts and fruits with beverages with unique aromas. The grapes prone to shriveling offer a sweet and terry aroma to this beverage.

Our hotel provides visitors with a wide selection of wines offered by Romanian wine-cellars too. Our region prides itself on its wineries with a long tradition, like the Nachbil wine-cellar, from the village Beltiuc, in the Dealurile Satmarului wine region. The winery respects and continues to preserve the worldly heritage of predecessors. The red wine, named Trio reflects the best the tradition and philosophy of wine production from this region. The rich ruby color, the delicious aroma of red fruits with a slight spicy taste guarantees the popularity of this wine among ladies and gentleman.

In case you want to cross the borders of our region don't forget to taste the Sole Feteasca Regala Barrique wine offered by the wine-cellar Recas from the Recaș wine region. The originality of this beverage is illustrated by the „Sole” name which suggests the fact that the Sun is the basis of a happy life. Sole is the bow we make to honor the Sun, an essential ingredient of this wine. The honey colored beverage with a refined vanilla aroma radiates harmony and joy.

Wine lovers can also try some of the award-winning wines from our country. The Prestige Pinot Noir wine offered by the Domeniul Coroanei Segarcea wine-cellar from the Segarcea wine region won the silver medal twice. Once, the 2010 harvest in 2012 at the “China Wine Awards” organized in Hong Kong and the 2009 harvest in 2011 at the “Concours Mondial de Bruxelles” contest organized in Bruxelles. The unique aroma of the Pinot Noir guaranteed the place of this wine on the podium. A rhinestone on our wine list is the Prince Matei Merlot wine from the Collection of the Villa Zorilor-Vinarte wine-cellar from the Dealul Mare-Zoresti wine region. We could call this beverage the prince of dry wines due to its complex aromas as forest fruits, black pepper, chocolate, coffee and vanilla.

Last but not least, we present you the Lillac roze wine from the hill-country of Maramureș. The extraordinary combination of forest fruits with exotic spices is the ideal beverage option on a hot summer day.

Besides the earlier mentioned wines, we would like to offer you a selection of amazing wines from the following wineries and wine regions: Starmina-Vinarte wine-cellar- Mehedinti-Starmina wine region, Frey winery- Tokaj wine region, Printul Stirbei wine-cellar- Dragasani wine region, winery Davino- Dealul Mare wine region and the Cotnari winery from the Cotnari wine region.

We hope you liked our presentation of the hotel's wine list and we invite you to an amazing wine tasting event that guarantees a unique and unforgettable experience.